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DescriptionWrestling Tournaments are exciting competition for both fans and wrestler a like. Tournament days are long and the challenge of tournament becomes less about the actual competition and more about finding out when and where wrestlers wrestle next. Additionally, the gyms and arenas where the competition occurs are busy, loud, and brackets / information booths can be crowded. Websites like have been bringing real time live results for the past several years. These websites have you watch the “boutboard” or click through multiple screens to get information on an individual wrestler or a whole team. This can be a challenge on a phone or small screen. D5 Software, the makers of The Paperless Tourney and live results bring you an incredible tool that allows users to get tournament information at their fingertips without visiting a website from your phone. From the app, setup alerts for wrestlers, see when they are on the “bout board”, and get results with a single click.
Buy the app now and get access to any tournament that has live results for the ENTIRE season!!!
Features:- Setup alerts on individual wrestlers- Setup alerts on full teams- Find names by weight class or by team- Find out when wrestlers with alerts are ready to wrestle by looking at their status at a single glance- Get bout results for wrestlers with alerts to allow users to see how they are progressing- Keep historical results in the local app.
Future Features:- Push notifications for alerts
Notes:- Requires Internet Access- Requires free user account from In this version the app needs to remain open to get status and results- Accounts are limited to 20 alerts per tournament per user.- If a tournament does not have live results it will not show up in the tourney alert app.